How to link styles of blocks together?

Hello everyone.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to link blocks together so that the style I apply in 1 block applies to all of them.

Whenever I import a pre-built pattern they have this feature, but I can’t find a document on how to do it.

It must be simple, but how?

Could this help?

I think there is a cwicly block called ‘styler’ that seems to do that too.
Should be in the documentation as well.

Also I think you already know about global classes and virtual classes?

Ok thanks a lot this helps. Basically you’re supposed to link blocks by first copying them from the first. I thought you could also link existing blocks afterwards.

I’ll look into styler that sounds very useful.

And yes i’m aware of those but still haven’t really gotten to learning to use them. They’re very useful?

Make sure you hit the orange line icon in the block toolbar to make sure your block is referenced for future changes and not just a mere duplicate.

You can.
Just add the class of your initial block to your other blocks here:

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Yes the best video that got me to understand this was Louis talking on a Youtube live.
You have to see this to really get it otherwise it’s a bit messy to understand at first:

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