How to include ACF field data in CPT?

Going further with this.

States will be related to other States. On a State page, I would like to display related State names and images. Trying to see if this is possible without getting over my head into code (seeing how @weedor was able to solve his problem in his other post), and staying secure within the Cwicly/WP interface.

Setting up a Related field, trying various relational types including Post Object, Page Link, and Relationship, selecting the appropriate State to link in each of two State posts, setting up the State page template with a Heading dynamically linked to the Related field on Current Post.

I get the Before text displaying fine, but nothing from the field itself.

Is this possible within the Cwicly/WP interface alone and am I missing something? Or will I need to up my game here and figure out some kind of coding solution? Or…?

Fingers crossed, grateful for any help.