How to include ACF field data in CPT?

Trying out setting up a custom post type with ACF fields, unique taxonomies, and a custom template for that post type. Not quite there yet.

I’ve created a CPT named State, added two fields, one each for two different new taxonomies, Property (multi/checkbox) and Condition (single/radio). Entered a set of values for each of the taxonomies.

Added two Headers to the State template, each of which are connected to the appropriate field as so:

Created a State post, assigned a value for each field. Previewing, I get the “Before” text displaying for each, but no data:


What could I be missing?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Edit: Also, I’m using Custom Post Type UI.

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Hi there @Joe,

We don’t currently provide a way to query ACF Fields for taxonomies from the location selector but it does seem like a necessary feature in this specific case.

In the meantime, I can propose to use the Taxonomy Terms block which allows you to query single/multiple taxonomies and access the terms from there through the location field.

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That’s my problem too.
I posted yesterday something about that. I had an answer from @Louis , but can yet find a solution.
If somebody can help.

Here is a screensht of the product backend:

Club recevant and Club visiteur are set in ACF: there are Relationship.

They link to the featured image of a CPT named Club

On the backend of Woocommerce product, the image of the Club recevant is displayed but I have set the image in my Query template in order to display the featured image of the club.

If you have any solution, I take it.

Here is the backend of the template:

In the dynamic ACF field, there is no choose for Club recevant and ** Club visiteur**

Thank you, @Louis.

At the moment, there’s an even easier workaround for my purposes. (I was making things more difficult than they needed to be.) If I simplify and move the items from a taxonomy to a selection of choices in a radio button or checkbox field, things work wonderfully.

Going further with this.

States will be related to other States. On a State page, I would like to display related State names and images. Trying to see if this is possible without getting over my head into code (seeing how @weedor was able to solve his problem in his other post), and staying secure within the Cwicly/WP interface.

Setting up a Related field, trying various relational types including Post Object, Page Link, and Relationship, selecting the appropriate State to link in each of two State posts, setting up the State page template with a Heading dynamically linked to the Related field on Current Post.

I get the Before text displaying fine, but nothing from the field itself.

Is this possible within the Cwicly/WP interface alone and am I missing something? Or will I need to up my game here and figure out some kind of coding solution? Or…?

Fingers crossed, grateful for any help.