How to fix a component that encounters an error?

I’m using Cwicly Version with Cwicly theme Version: 1.0.3 with Tailwind to create a new card component.

I connected a property for image visibility and it worked like a charm.

But after connecting a new text property for my component’s heading, I clicked on the component in the navigator and got the following error: “This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed.”

I’m new to Cwicly (just bought a license today) so I probably did something wrong. I’m hoping there’s a way to recover a broken component without having to delete it and from scratch?

Hello @briansteeleca,

Sorry to hear that this happened.
We have had another report around a similar issue with the text property but weren’t able to reproduce it on our end.

Is this installation accessible? Would it be possible for me to have a quick look at the error on the backend?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Louis,

Thanks for the quick response! The site is local right now but here’s a screen recording of how I reproduce it:

I’ll put the site on a server and give you access if you can’t reproduce it.

As I said, I may be doing something wrong but a recover block/component option would be handy for when I do mess up. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @briansteeleca,

Thank you very much for the screencast.
No issue on the setup, so definitely something going wrong.

It would be great if I could have temporary access to the installation.
Or if it’s possible, sending a .zip of the installation would be even better so that I don’t have to bother you with making it available.
I’d be grateful you could send either of those to

If those options aren’t possible, a screenshot of your browser console would also be helpful for me to see where the error might be coming from.

Moving to Bugs.

Thanks in advance!


@briansteeleca you can easily export a .zip file of your site directly from Local:


Thanks @Louis and @LauGau, I’ve sent a Local export and a link for a public site to

I can confirm that this has been fixed in

Thanks so much, Louis. :raised_hands:

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