How to duplicate pages?

Hi there, i’ve tried to duplicate a page with a plugin (Duplicate Page – WordPress plugin | but the new page has broken blocks: some strings seems to be encodes wrong (& → u0026amp;) and some sections are shown wrong in back end while okay on front end (for example no background color).

The Gutenberg “Copy alll content” link is also not usable. It just copies the first section of the page.

Is there a way to save a whole page as cwicly collection? Another way to replicate whole pages easily?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @michelyweb,

I think the most convenient approach to export a page is to use the intended option:

You can learn here how to import your page:

Not sure how of if it’s possible to add entire pages to collections.
I’m not aware there is such an option currently available.

But I am confident this will be a part of the upcoming design library rework, which will be worked on soon.


Hi @michelyweb,

Indeed, @Marius has detailed the current method to import/export pages, but we are definitely going to make this type of thing much easier through the design library etc…

I’d like to add that with block classes being page specific, we are not going to be forcing new classes on copy/pastes (except linked) and imports/exports.

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Thanks @Marius for the explanation and @Louis for the feedback…

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Waiting for this, thank you! :heart_eyes:

Hi there,
I can’t get it to work with a real exported site. Tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome. If I drop the txt file to the editor, nothing happens.

The file size is 382 kBytes.

If I export a page with just a single section, headline and Image import works.

Just tested with a file size with 1322 KB, no issues.
It might take a while, depends on the file size, your server and hardware.

Really strange. Tried another page export after editing the page a few times and now import is working as expected. No idea why.