How to display one custom Taxonomy


I want to display a custom taxonomy on my posts page. When I try that with a paragraph and dynamic data there doesn’t seem to be an option for that. Just the default WordPress category.

When I use the Taxonomy Terms block I can select Current but then I have to exclude everything else so that only my custom taxonomy remains. When I exclude everything else somehow the author is displayed beside the correct custom taxonomy term.

Here is the structure:

These are the settings of the Taxonomy Terms block. “Themen” is the custom taxonomy I want to display (in this case “Education” is the correct term that should be displayed).

Here is the front end:

I also tried to use the Query Block. This works fine but if no term is selected the post page breaks:

“There was a critical error on this Website”

@Araminta and @Louis, could you take a look here?

What do you think about the option to display custom taxonomies exactly the way it is done with the default WordPress Category? So that I can use the paragraph and select my custom taxonomy as dynamic data.

Hi @Araminta and @Louis,

I’m still struggling with this. Could you give me some help here please?

Hi @Jonas

I don’t understand how you get that issue,
I tried again, starting from scratch, and it works just fine,
I am on a template that shows if / all / post
and I display the category using these settings

First I set a Taxonomy Terms block setting the Source as Current and excluding tag (there are in my instance only 2 taxonomies associated with the post by default, category and tag)

Then, to display the term I use a Paragraph block with Dynamic content Source Taxonomy Query Data name

and everything works as it should…

I hope that trying once again will solve your issue.




Hi @JuGa,

thank you very much for the effort!
I now found out why I get the taxonomy and the author. It is because of this plugin:

Unfortunately this plugin also causes a conflict with the query block.

But I want to point out that the exclusion method is not how I expect the taxonomy block to work. I don’t understand why I’m not allowed to just pick the taxonomy that I want to be displayed. I think this would be the solution and the most straight forward method anyway. I’m trying to think of a situation where I would like to display multiple taxonomies in one batch. I don’t see any reason to do that. If I want to display a taxonomy I usually have a small heading like “Category” or “Genre” and below all the related terms. Why would I want a list of categories and genres together?

Also the option to use the query block for this results in an error in case no taxonomy is selected. So I’m in an unfortunate position at the moment.

Have you checked this lately? This was fixed in a previous update.

I also suggest you open a feature request for your other points.

Your thread title asks to display one custom taxonomy: this is easily achievable with both the Query block and Taxonomy Terms block, and @JuGa provided a clear example.

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Hi @Louis,

I’m sorry, you are correct. The empty Query Block does not cause an error anymore.
Thanks for pointing this out and for the fix auf cause!!

Will use the query block for now.