How to display infinite load spinning icon?


I’m obviously missing something, but I can’t get the spinning icon to appear when using query’s infinite load option…
(Same issue with frontend rendering or not.)


Do I need to add some some block to the query or query template?

Infinite LOADING does work, but there’s no icon, and nothing in DOM either, according to browser inspector.

Can’t find anything in documentation or videos.


Hi @yankiara,

Thank you for pointing this out!

Currently, there seems to be an issue with the display of the infinite load icon on the frontend.
Rest assured we will investigate this further and see what might be going wrong.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

one kindly remand,
this “Loading Icon” and “loading color” did not work at the moment, plus the icon are shacking when you click
i tried many times, seem cannot work.