How to create a multi query section like this in Cwicly?

I created a website in Bricks Builder a while ago that had an FAQ section with taxonomy filtered. I’m now working on a client gallery site in Cwicly. This is one of my first sites in Cwicly, so I’m still not very familiar. So any detailed answer or tips would be much appreciated.

This is for a gallery of project that will be displaying by city names, but the format of the query matches the FAQ section I created.

Here’s what I created – It’s an FAQ page that will display the answers in an accordion. And they will populate in each section based on the taxonomy I assign it.

Here’s how I set up the FAQ taxonomies. So it will get queried into the right section

So far I created the query for the terms in Cwicly using the query element. Then I added a heading and selected the term name as the dynamic data – I got this far. Now my thought it to add another query block inside that will query the post that match the current query blocks queried “term-name” and see if it matches.

Here is how I set up my current gallery site on the back-end

Hi @Tahor,
what you are doing sounds right :+1:

How far did you get? Can you display the term title on the front end? It looks that way.

For the second query, I would select posts as the post type… Those are posts, right?

And sort them dynamically depending on how you set up your terms…
When using Wordpress Terms:

An image of your first query selection could help to define the second query.

The dynamic post is set because you want to use a different Taxamony term for each query1 loop.

Hope this helps a little :wink:



You could check the Taxonomy Terms block to easily select the taxonomies you need and use that context in a nested Query block through dynamic data as a taxonomy query.

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Hey! Here’s how it’s setup now.

  1. First Query

  2. Second Query

  3. I tried a couple times to mess with the “taxonomy query” as well but couldn’t figure it out. It’s not currently set, but here’s how I tried to make it work… I pretty much messed with the settings in every way in this panel to try and make it work as well

  4. Here is my data set for this site. Savage Street should appear under “Sherman Oaks” and the other two projects should appear in “West Hills”


I tried that but I can’t seem to add a query block inside of the taxonomy terms block.


Have you selected a source?

Then insert using the inserter.

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Hi @JohnD,

can you explain in more detail how your term block is placed?


@Tahor Sorry for the confusion, but I may not be very helpful when it comes to Taxamony queries.

If you would use queries, the first one is definitely correct. The second one was passed on incorrectly from my end, but should still be possible if you include a Taxonomy Query, I think.

I’ve tried a bit, but I haven’t worked much with taxonomies in this regard and haven’t come to any conclusions.

I am also very interested in the solution to your problem.
Maybe someone else can jump in and give a hint. :smiley:


@JohnD @T-low

Thanks @JohnD I got it working! I used the button you showed to add the query block under the terms query element and was able to successfully insert the element (odd bug?).

After I did that, I used the query block to set this up

And now it’s all working on the front end!

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