How to add featured image to frontpage

Hi all,
I just created a website with a couple of pages.
Now I want to set the featured image on my main page /frontpage.
But I don’t see my frontpage by the pages section in Wordpress, it’s only visible by the Cwilcy Themer.
What did I do wrong?
Should my frontpage be visible in the pages section? Or missed I a step in developing websites with Cwicly?
The website functions normally.

Please let me know?

Hi @Lijn-B,

When you have created your Front Page template in the Themer and created a Page for it in the Pages area of WordPress, you still need to select your home page from the Settings > Reading area:

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hi @StrangeTech,
But I didn’t created a page for it. I just created the frontpage template.
Now I want to use the featured image, and other setting from a page to create more SEO sensitive content. Normally I go to the page and add the featured image and tags and stuff, but for my frontpage I can’t do this becaese there is no page.

Do I hav to vreate my frontpage in a page again or???

Thanks for your reply!

You can simply create a page and if you chose the Front Page template in the Themer, when you do as I showed in my screenshot, it will apply the template to the page you created.

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Thanks again.
Unfortunately I can’t choose my frontpage template. If I choose my standard template by creating a page it will use the index template.

2023-04-17 11_20_26-Pagina bewerken “Natuurlijk bij Deborah” ‹ Natuurlijk bij Deborah — WordPress

You can create a Front Page template in the Cwicly themer and copy your existing template to there - which will be applied to the home page you created in pages.

In Themer press the “+ Default” button:
Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 10.31.57

In the WordPress templates screen press “Add new” and choose “Front Page”
Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 10.31.03

This should automatically apply to the home page you select in Settings > Reading.

Here is a repeatable strategy that you can use to do this on all sites:

  1. Create a Home page in Pages
  2. Set this to the static Home page in Settings > Reading
  3. Create a Front Page template in Cwicly Themer
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Yes, thank you @StrangeTech that worked!

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