How does cwicly implement infinite chapters

Hello, everyone.
Who knows how to use cwicly to implement unlimited chapters?

For example, a comic or a book,

“XXXurl/manganame/” or “XXXurl/bookname/”



There are multiple ways to achieve this using WordPress.

The cleanest is probably to use ACF to create a custom post type called “Book” that has a custom taxonomy called “Chapter” that you can assign to pages.

Then you display all pages associated with each chapter and display the chapter for each page when you are viewing it.

You may also want to use a permalink manager plugin or a custom php snippet to create the url structure you show.

If so, the number of chapters would be large, I wonder if there is any way to have a loop field in the book custom type, and then display it in the front end, and each loopitem has a page

Yes, you can do this with a Cwicly Query block.