How do export Cwicly setting

Dear admin

how can i import/export Cwicly theme and all settings

Thank you !

Hello @NHViet,

This process hasn’t been streamlined yet.
WordPress does give you the ability to export your FSE theme with all template & template parts included: The Dream of Exporting WordPress Block Themes from the Site Editor Is Close to Reality – WP Tavern

As for our settings, I’d be interested to know what exactly you’d like to export (global settings, Cwicly settings etc.)
You can import/export most of the Global Styles, Classes and Stylesheets with a right click. A global export is also coming.

Would this export be for a new installation or for the live version of your development one? If so, it might be simpler simply transferring the whole installation from your local/development hosting to the live installation.

I will want to import / export the selected settings for the Cwicly plugin set in the options and the user role access manager.