How do export Cwicly setting

Dear admin

how can i import/export Cwicly theme and all settings

Thank you !

Hello @NHViet,

This process hasn’t been streamlined yet.
WordPress does give you the ability to export your FSE theme with all template & template parts included: The Dream of Exporting WordPress Block Themes from the Site Editor Is Close to Reality – WP Tavern

As for our settings, I’d be interested to know what exactly you’d like to export (global settings, Cwicly settings etc.)
You can import/export most of the Global Styles, Classes and Stylesheets with a right click. A global export is also coming.

Would this export be for a new installation or for the live version of your development one? If so, it might be simpler simply transferring the whole installation from your local/development hosting to the live installation.

I will want to import / export the selected settings for the Cwicly plugin set in the options and the user role access manager.

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Thanks, exactly what I need.

I am not sure where I should right-click to export the Global Styles, Classes and Styleshieets @Louis :thinking:

Thank you @Marius ! I clearly didn’t understand the infrastructure properly and could really benefit from a simple explanation of the difference between the Cwicly Global Styles that we set using the interface and the Global Stylesheets which are still part of Cwicly but are purely code-based.

I understand how a traditional wordpress theme works in that there are template files and a CSS style sheet bundled with them to inform the look and feel of global elements. I mistakenly assumed that the Cwicly Global Styles were, in fact, building that style sheet.

This all goes back to my inability to grasp the proper process for exporting a theme built in Cwicly for installation on another site - without the need to instantiate the Cwicly license.

I would be ever-so-grateful if you or another member of the community could spell it out for me in crayon. :sunglasses:

Technically, there is no difference, except that the Global Stylesheets have a higher priority.
Of course, Global Stylesheets are not limited to any interface options, so they are more flexible.
You can put it in there whatever you need, whether it’s basic stuff or the most complex rules you require - even SCSS is supported.
You are not forced to make use of them.
With Cwicly, in my opinion, the need for custom CSS is pretty much non-existent.
But that of course also depends on the individual workflow.

The Global Styles on the other hand, as you already pointed out correctly, offer the user a simple, interface-based overview about all important basic styling options.
It’s all based on pure CSS properties as well.
For instance, applying a font size to the h1 inside the Global Styles will result in the exact same output, as you would write your own CSS inside a Stylesheet.
Global Styles have the lowest priority, so you can override them easily with either custom CSS, block classes, global classes, etc.

Priority, from high to low:

  1. Block Classes
  2. Global Classes
  3. Global Stylesheets
  4. Global Styles

Hope that helps a bit, but let me know if anything is unclear or you need more details.

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Cool, thanks @Marius , I will chew on that for a bit and get back to you if I have any more related questions. :sunglasses:

I can recommand the WP plugin “create block theme”. I exported the cwicly-theme as a copy including my configurations/templates/parts as a new alone standing parent theme.