How can I query posts in Query block from Specific Category

How can I query posts in Query block from Specific Category.
Right now Query Block just display latest posts or specific posts if I mention to include.

Hi @haroonbro,

Using the Taxonomy Query parameter and specifying Categories as the taxonomy you want to query and the specific category in the Terms parameter.

I want to display posts from category on a posts whose category is CURRENT category auto detect. THat’s what I mean.

Is there no answer to this?
I’ve been trying to find a solution to this for a while now. Docs have not been helpful.

Maybe not in this post.

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I think this may be what I’ve been looking for. I’ll try and report back.

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oups I missed How can I query posts in Query block from Specific Category - #3 by haroonbro
yes this should work indeed!
It has been working for me to show related content based on Taxonomy on the current post

If someone can take the time to create a complete tutorial about the Query and the Query filters, not based on WooCommerce as the videos have been so far.

It is mostly about understanding WP Query, the answers can usually be found online, then what has been helpful to me, is to compare the Cwicly Query Code to the WP Query solution found online and deducted from there where was my error in setting the arguments in the Cwicly Query Block.

It is not always easy but I believe with practice, one starts to understand better how to use the WP Query and Cwicly just offers a visual way to create the code…

I have started doing tutorials, which I’ve posted in the FB group. I want to do more, but there’s still so much I don’t know, plus I’m trying to finish so much paid work that’s behind schedule. This is one I’ll do pretty soon, because I’m sure others are struggling as well.


should look into the FB group (hard to keep track of everything, this group is already so active!!

This works. Thanks, Louis.
I think this is one of those where the team has done a great job of passing WP Query language into a no-code solution in a very faithful way. Plus points for that.

The issue is that WP_Query is a ridiculously complex topic, so it all ends up being only slightly easier to understand.

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Just that FB feels more like a sharing community for tips and strategies. Whereas here is better for posting bugs and code, etc.

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Ok will check it out.
I though the Tips section here could be a place to create tutorial for and by the community.
Will try to check FB more
:pray: :pray: :pray: