How can I hide entire div if my ACF field is empty

How can I hide entire div if my ACF field is empty

You can follow this topic: ACF and visibility conditions

please provide any hyperlink to follow. How can I go to your > ACF and visibility conditions

Sorry, I don’t know how to do (can’t find the URL of a topic)!
Copy the title and seach it in all topic and post. This is the only one that is returned.

Ok, this is this topic but this is not the solution to fix the issue.
Cwicly teams confirmed the bug.

@haroonbro :
To translate: ACF>Main Came…>Triple>empty
that means: if “Triple” is empty it will be shown → oups! you display an empty field!

at the end of each message there is a link icon
you can just click on it to create links from one message to another
i linked to that message to show context

ok thank you @JuGa . I didn’t know this feature that is really useful.

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you are welcome
and yes we should use it more
as well as solution / changing topic / create tips to make this forum more useful

hahaha, yeah. That’s the fault I was doing.