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This might be a dumb question but I am puzzled with the link hover color style. I have a parent div and blocks inside the div. I am trying to set hover color for links inside it. I went to hover mode. Set link color to black. Now when I hover on a particular link all other links color changes to black. I only want the color of hovered link to change and not all the links. Not sure if I am not able to set it properly due to lack of sleep. Please some body help.

Hi @anon32808828,
if you use the parent div to make those settings the link color change should be triggered when you hover into the that parent div resulting in all other links turning black.
If you want to color your links globally I would recommend to use Global Styles.

CAUTION: If this is a local color variation I only know of using one of your local links to use as visual class for the others or to create a global style → element → link class to set as visual class for your links.

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@T-low Got it. Thanks man! I guess I am spoiled by the other page builders which I have used before. This is a color variation for just that particular div. I’ll target via custom css. I’ll try after some sleep. Something like this may be.

.mycustomdivclass a:hover {
  color: yellow;

@anon32808828 looks like I was of some help :smiley:
There is for sure a better solution for your situation, but that’ll have to wait for somebody else’s reply ^^

Hey @anon32808828,

As @T-low said, the styling is applied to all links if you apply hover styling from the parent.
There is relative styling if you want to apply a particular link hover style.

I’d love to hear how you do this with other builders?

Custom css approach works. Now I am trying to get it work via relative styling.

I have set link color black on hover. Now this is the rule I am trying with

It does not work. What will be the proper rule to replicate this code?

.mycustomdivclass a:hover {
  color: black;

Hi @anon32808828,

Link colour automatically applies to <a>, so in this case you’ll want to apply to text colour.

Would love to have your insight.

Thanks! The relative style works now. I was getting confused as there is no separate link colour property in css. Setting to text color did the trick. It will be easy going ahead.

A separate link hover property which applied this relative styling automatically to inner a links hover color. But don’t add this in Cwicly. I think it’s proper if we style stuff fundamentally. Cwicly’s Relative styling is easy to use once you understand it.

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