Hide Section on specified pages

I want to hide the highlighted section on specified pages. How should I set the condition?

Thank you!

If it is at the top of the content as it seems then perhaps this is best added as an additional template part to the header fragment under the existing header.

Then you can use the Themer fragment visibility conditions for this.

@StrangeTech Thanks for your prompt reply!
The section is inside the footer template. The footer template is assigned to all the pages. I only want the section to hide on specified pages.

I think this option should be available in the condition. I can do it in Bricks and Zion Builder. No extra template is needed.

*I found a way to hide. I hide using Post ID.

I tried hiding it with the post title, but it didn’t work. The section did not appear at all if I set hide by Post Title.

Is there another better way?

What @StrangeTech said is exactly the route I prefer too. It’s modular and you can control your conditions without the necessity to access the page and block directly inside the editor.

Your example is imo a perfect use case for a global/template part.

You can then specify your condition and exclude individual pages as follows.
Your pages will appear when start typing and you can select them one by one within a single condition.

Thank for your reply, @Marius.
So, based on @StrangeTech suggestion, I should add a custom fragment and apply my custom template there, and then the template will sit right on top of the footer section on the frontend, correct?

Exactly @jornes!

If you face any issues during the setup or anything is unclear, please share your thoughts here.

Be sure to learn from the docs as well :sunglasses:

Yes! I used to do this for all my sites. So, let’s see if a custom fragment will make the workflow even better.

Sure! Thank you!

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Thanks! I’ll definitely do that.

Hi @Marius

I tried the custom fragment with this condition, but it didn’t work.

Here is my custom fragment.

The custom template did not show up on the entire site.
I want to show it on all pages but exclude some pages. The about page is one of the pages I want to hide.

Am I missing anything?
The doc and the video don’t seem to explain it very well.

The include type I tried, AND and OR. The same result.

I got it working. I need to insert a fragment block into the footer template.

You can do it that way, although I usually add the template part into the existing footer fragment (you can have more than one template part inside a fragment).

This way you don’t have to add anything inside your footer template so it is more modular.

@StrangeTech Thank you for sharing this! That sounds great, too. :slight_smile: