Help with dynamic preview


I can’t get dynamic preview working, or maybe I just don’t understand what it is meant for…

For instance, I’m editing the page template, which is set for all singular pages. It contains a Gutenberg post content block and a Cwicly post content block.

If I select a page in the dynamic preview, I would expect post content blocks to display the actual content of the selected page.

Besides, the selected page cannot be saved with the template.

What is exactly the purpose of dynamic preview and how does it work?
Documentation is not very explicit to me.

Hi @yankiara,

not sure on this one but you are not using a Cwicly block. So I think non Cwicly blocks will not use Cwicly features.

Cwicly blocks have the Cwicly logo next to the blocks.

You can use dynamic data to display the content that you whant.
Here a small example for Wordpress data and some static data (This is a super awesome post)
Animation (16)

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I’m not talking about dynamic data but dynamic preview (icon button in top bar) :wink:

And by the way I inserted a Cwicly post content in my template, in case it didn’t work with Guntenberg block, but I get no result either.

Hi @yankiara,

woops haven’t seen the Cwicly post content block. Haven’t worked with it jet so not sure how to help there. The docs say “The Cwicly post content block displays all the blocks in a post or page”, so not sure if you want that :thinking:

As far as I used the dynamic preview is for getting post data to display the dynamic data.

As for post content, until now I always created custom posts. So I don’t know how to get the post content from a standard Wordpress post.

Am exited for that answer :grinning:

OK, I inserted some dynamic data in header and paragraph, but I still can’t get it…

On frontend: