Help me understand the Hierarchy (and creating Blocks)

I want to create single blocks that can act as reusable parts. For example, I want to create a Quote Block with global styling. Any time I want to add a new quote to a page/post, I want to add that block and adjust for new content. If I choose to change the styling of the Quote block, I want that to affect all the Quote blocks in the site.

Template parts are a collection of Blocks, so I’m not looking for template parts.

Are components the same as blocks? Can I create blocks in Cwicly that will show up in the drop-down when I add blocks?

Sorry, I can’t find a video or documentation on the subject.

Hello @jtk,

What about trying out the Cwicly Collection? Sounds like the ideal thing for what you’re trying to achieve.
Simply create the block you want with all the global classes set up, and then save it to your collection.

You’ll then be able to simply insert wherever you like.

Thanks @Louis

Can I use the blocks I create for other websites?