Have indications of fractions/col in Grid editor and the ability to reset


I have been working on 12 fractions grid layouts, and it would be convenient to read the number of fractions taken by each column inside the Grid editor.
Counting them and estimating how many we set as we slide through the editor is pretty tricky when dealing with a lot of fractions.

What do you think?

Thank you in advance as always,



I think this is a fair point. At the moment, you can’t immediately tell how many columns an element is taking up.

I do think this is one of the blocks that requires an overhaul at some point. It can be unintuitive at times, and causes more frustration than not.

I wouldn’t mind a purer CSS grid experience, without navigating the Columns block which is designed to work in a particular way.

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Oh on the same subject, another thing I am thinking about that could be of great help would be to see in the grid editor, the custom name that one gives to the columns in the navigator.
That would be great, especially when moving things around on various breakpoints.

What do you think?

This would be very helpful!

Was on my way to create the same feature request :slight_smile:

So that everyone knows what we are talking about here a screenshot: