Has_password query Parameter

Hey there,

not sure if one can call it bug, but it’s definitely a problem that has to be resolved! :wink:

I wanted to query all posts that DON’T have a password. The only option that is available in the query-editor is setting “has_password” to true. So there is no “false” option!

Hopefully I’m not overseeing something obvious here! :wink:


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Ok, I was so stuck in my thoughts that Cwicly can simply do everything in the builder that I never would have thought that I could also solve it using the good old way with filters. Fortunately, Cwicly also provides a filter to adjust the query, so I was able to implement it uncomplicatedly after all. Here is the procedure for anyone who has the same problem!

Change ID with your own id of course! :wink:


Hi @Wolfgang,

Sorry for not responding sooner!

Glad to see you managed to sort this out with filters.

This remains a good point, and could definitely be included directly from the Query Editor.

Hi @Wolfgang,

Once again, thank you for pointing this out!

With, the 'Has Password" parameter has a true and false option: