HappyFiles plugin breaks fluid typography in editor

I recently picked up HappyFiles (https://happyfiles.io/) to help with media file management in WordPress. When installed, it breaks all fluid typography in the editor - nothing scales. I can see it’s loading two CSS files in the editor, but haven’t established which declarations are the issue.

I don’t know who’s plugin is being naughty with a lack of specifically here, but thought I would report it.

Hello @Graphnic,

Thanks for the report.

Is this happening throughout every breakpoint or simply when in the main (Desktop) breakpoint?

Thanks in advance.


Appears to be on everything but desktop. In other words, typography doesn’t scale down at breakpoints. This appears to be the case with both the ‘fluid’ clamp feature in Cwicly, and with fluid values from ACSS.

That sounds strange.

I have tested it just now and notice that HappyFiles forces the editor to go into non-iFrame mode when in Desktop breakpoint.
The scaling does apply when moving into lower breakpoints (they force the iFrame to kick in).

Can you temporarily try this setting to see what happens?


Yes, that fixes it :smiley:

Interestingly, enabling HappyFiles prevents one of the images on the page from loading… but only one. Can’t work out what it is about that image.

Perhaps Happy Files is not especially well designed. It was an impulse buy!

Updating to has mysteriously fixed this :man_shrugging: