Handling License error / server is down -> editing content impossible

I’m not using Cwicly productively yet, but am gradually exploring the possibilities as I have time.
What I noticed today is that I get a license error, also the Cwicly website is currently down.
All this can happen and is not tragic for my case now, but since the content / blocks are also not editable (“Unable to verify this license” / Settings: “License - Unexpected error”), this circumstance would be very annoying for a productive website.

My suggestion:
If there are errors with the licensing due to unavailability of the server, do not immediately make the editing of blocks impossible, but wait for a while and only block the editing after repeated, longer lasting license problems.

Hi @Jugibur,

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
This is a very rare occasion, this time based on the fact we were moving servers to accommodate for the rapidly growing Cwicly community.

The license check function was down for about an hour. While I appreciate this is a considerable amount of time, we did our best to make it as short as possible.

I will add that a license check is not made on every editor load, but over a period of days. I’m sorry that you fell right in that hour of downtime.
I think it’s also important to underline that there is absolutely no phoning home when you access the editor. Blocks are unusable if the license check (periodically) returns an error, but not if our servers are down.

As a simple test you can open a local installation with Cwicly and cut your live connection.

Once again, apologies for the trouble and inconvenience.


That was really an unfortunate coincidence then, thank you for the clarification Louis! It is reassuring to hear that worries about it are not an issue.

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