Handling in comparison to native Gutenberg FSE

Heading over from FSE Experience with plain Gutenberg to Chicly, I am a bit struggling with the following (some the topics might be feature requests though):

  1. Is it recommended, to stick to Cwicly Blocks only, or is there still a good reason to use a mix (e.g. the native Group and Columns in addition to Cwicly’s Section, div and Columns)?

  2. Is the native Block „Group“ in some way represented by a specific Cwicly Block, especially with its option to handle different width settings (when „inner blocks use content width“ is activated), or define rows, or is this native Gutenberg Block still key to build the sites?

  3. Already mentioned here (Make section container visible and manageable): the inner padding/ div of sections should be visible and customizable

  4. Cwicly’s columns block: Missing the „stack on mobile“ option as available with the native block

  5. Cwicly’s columns block: Missing an easy way to change the width of single columns, preferably by dragging, or at least by putting percentages

  6. Global settings/ default settings for Cwicly blocks: For native Gutenberg blocks one can set global defaults for all its blocks in the style section (where Cwicly recommends not to use the native Style section though). I am missing this for Cwicly blocks anyway (from what I have seen it is limited to very view blocks, e.g. paragraph, image etc. under Cwicly global style settings)

Hey @FZwo.

Thanks for adding your thoughts.

You are free to use whatever you want and there is no recommendation, I guess.
There is no compatibility issue, so it’s totally up to you.
Cwicly blocks give you much more control in general so I can’t see any reason why to use a Gutenberg version of a block.

Never used that block, so no.
This isn’t the key to build sites.

Use the section block or nested divs.

There were extensive discussions in that regard already.
Here is the latest statement about it:

Cwicly does not offer such kind of options.
It’s limiting.
You have full control about your structure, using the grid builder on various breakpoints.

Am I missing your point?
This is already available with the grid builder.

Feel free to add your thoughts here.

In addition, I recommend you to read this topic carefully.
It will help you to understand global elements better.

Hope it helps.

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Concerning global style presets for Cwicly blocks: It is not about creating complex global styles, it is just to set some basics (like in Gutenberg) as paddings, margins, borders and background colors of blocks like columns, accordion etc… The advantage I see is not only that you start your site with sound settings you feel comfortable with, it is also, if you later want to change e.g. paddings in your grid, or more margin between your blocks, it’s one click to change and see how that looks like

I am just answering that here, because I don’t want to mess up the threats you mentioned

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You should do that in case you have something to add.

You are not the only one asking for such a feature.
The more a topic gets splitted, the less impact and attention it will receive.