Gutenberg formatting panel shows up in Cwicly panel on buttons and headings

Noticing that a strange gutenberg text formatting panel shows up in the Cwicly panel whenever I select buttons or headings. Haven’t noticed it on any others, but can’t say it doesn’t happen elsewhere. See screenshot below:


Hello @owynter,

Thanks for the report.
Could you possibly let me know which theme you are using?

Thanks in advance.

I only ever use the Cwicly theme. v1.0.3.

Hello @owynter,

Sorry for not getting back on this one.
Have you been able to solve it?

If not, could you tell me if this formatting panel appears on all Gutenberg blocks and other third-party plugins if you have some installed?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Louis,

I think I might have isolated the problem to a single plugin: Advanced Editor Tools (previously TinyMCE Advanced)
See below:

I think we can close this.

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Hi @owynter,

Thanks for taking the time to record the video.
Indeed, this does seem like an addition from AET.

Will close this for now.