Grid auto responsive layouts

What I need, its a very simple task.
To create a 2 or maybe 3 column layout that resizes automatically based on a couple of functions, meaning I do not need to adjust the breakpoints one by one.

So try it using the grid builder but I can’t get it to work for this simple layout and the documentation does not seems to have the information I need.

The fit-fill space is greyed out ( do not know why) in the columns box and the auto column does not seem to work, since the grid-template-columns seems to overwrite the functions or I don’t know.

The result is simple if I add the functions to the quick editor box for the grid-template-columns line like this, works like a charm:

Without having to add an auto-fit line to the code like the builder does, and without using the grid builder columns, not because I don’t want to but because it does not work for me.

Please tell me how it works.

Here the comparison of the results with 2 sections, one using the code over the columns (added from the quick editor) and the other one into the auto columns box.

So, is this a bug? please tell me how to do this better with the GB, without more lines of code.

Does this suggest a possible feature request to add a grid-columns/rows-template box to fill over the columns as well as the auto row and auto columns boxes?

BTW, I am just learning this stuff, I am almost completely ignorant on css grid and I’ve said before how the builder does not help me move through.

Thanks in advance for your reply


Hi @JulianM,

If I understand your specification, you are wanting to not define a different number of columns per breakpoint, just define the scaling parameters once and have it automatically adjust on different widths.

This is completely doable with CSS grid and completely achievable using Cwicly’s grid builder.

As I showed here, you can edit the columns with three different methods:

If you have a single column and choose “Min/Max”, then “Fit”, this will create the repeat function.

So if I am understanding you correctly, there is no bug and the builder works perfectly and can do what you want.

I hope this clears it up for you.

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Ok, it makes sense now, for a moment I thought the modal grid items resized to the real relative measurement, it would be useful if it does.

I need to play more with it, Thank you