Grid and container


i think there might be a bug when applying grid directly to a container because on this site : that i’ve just published, when we scroll down we can see an horizontal scroll bar appearing on laptop screen size and under

And i don’t have it in my previous cwicly sites such as in which i don’t have grid on containers coz it didn’t exist at that time

At first i thought it was my back to top button so i removed it but that’s not the issue, so the only issue i can see is grid directly applied to a container (and that’s what i did on all the pages of the website…)

Environment info

  • WordPress version: 6.4.3
  • Cwicly Plugin version: 1.4

Perhaps you already fixed this, I looked at your site and can’t see a horizontal scrollbar.

@StrangeTech no i haven’t, look at the screen recording i’ve just made : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

I don’t have time right now to fully examine the code but from memory the only times we have experienced anything similar to this is when there were elements that were being hidden offscreen at certain breakpoints that added to the width.

In our case it was caused by Nav block / menu / modals.

I recommend checking those elements first to see if any are not being constrained and/or hidden at the various breakpoints.

@StrangeTech i’ve found something on one site i’m currently building : i have this issue where i have sliders, it’s indeed not related to grid and container. I will check on the gitesechappeesbelles website to find what’s wrong

@StrangeTech ok i’ve found it ! issue is with the mobile nav modal when set to “slide” : it comes frome the right side and that’s why i have a huge blank part; When i set it on “slide top” it’s ok.
So @Araminta there is a bug with the modal on mobile nav

Hey @pomilo.

@StrangeTech hinted it correctly. It’s the nav block that’s the culprit here.
Unfortunately, I don’t have time either to have a deeper look.

At least you have a starting point now.
Gonna return at a later point to have a closer look if it doesn’t get resolved by then.

@Marius yes that was right, bug comes from the modal of the nav block

@pomilo Just checking whether this is resolved for you.

@StrangeTech yes and no : i’ve change the modal menu, it slides now from top instead of slide from right. But the bug is still here when modal menu slides from right

I’m wondering whether you have tried setting overflow: hidden on the section/header containing the nav. This worked well for us in the past.

@StrangeTech no i haven’t tried this…