Google Map and GDPR

Hi, im not sure where this should go, can i query with sites that are in europe, what is the plan with google maps and GDPR? im supposing we need to have a button in the maps to note that this is hosted in the US, or else use openstreet map, but i just want to confirm what is the situation with the EU and hosting stuff from google, more particularly maps in this instance.

with analytics, we have other options like matomo.

borlabs, complianz. there are explicit cookie pkugins solving such issues.

Hi @Spipov,

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Indeed, the Maps block needs several providers to account for GDPR and also moving away from Google :wink:
Definitely something that will become available in the future, although it isn’t currently planned.


Thank you @Louis . is there a thought about being able to incorporate a button to mention that people are agreeing to terms and conditions before viewing map? is it possible to embed a small popup/field with button in there?

@Spipov sure you can do that.

You can even conditionally hide it if the user already accepted the Google Maps Service via cookies, which can be handled with a plugin or some custom code.

thanks. as im new to cwicly, is there a way to add as simple popup within the map block on the map and show map conditionally if agree is clicked? does it have to be positioned absolutely etc with a higher z-index?

That’s a simple and efficient way to do it :+1:

But, that alone is not GDPR compliant.
Not sure how things are handled exactly on your site, but displaying the map when a user clicks a button on a map overlay won’t prevent loading the code on page load.

The code must not be loaded before the user explicitly agreed to do so.

Are you using a cookie plugin?

no was trying to avoid adding plugins if not needed to be honest. ill have to think about this. im not near putting in a map yet.

Don’t save at the wrong end @Spipov.

If you don’t want to use a cookie solution, you need to rely on services which are fully GDPR compliant - which is totally possible.
But this would exclude all Google services, such as maps, fonts, analytics, etc.

Maybe there are map provider alternatives available with Cwicly at the time you need them.