Going Live - Filter block, classes and going free?

Yesterday, the long awaited Filter block was released in version 1.1.9 so don’t hesitate to check it out :wink:

Louis will be going live at 5PM BST where he will take you through the process of building a simple filter.
Then a little discussion on the Cwicly class system and finally… Cwicly going free?

Looking forward to seeing you all :sunglasses:


@Louis , thanks for explaining the classes. Makes sense to me now. I guess I needed to be “told”. Lol.

Hi @jtk,

Appreciate you leaving this message.
It definitely shows that the class system isn’t clear, and requires a rework if just to make it more transparent and intuitive, which I think today’s live helped me see.

Because you have a different vision, I just think a video was needed to clearly lay it out so intermediates like myself could wrap around it. When you emphasized the “added”, I realized what I had overlooked. My fault.

On the whole, I like that you approach things from a different angle. It I wanted to work with Bricks, I would. Very excited about the Filter Block. Thanks for your efforts.