Going Live - Cloud Design Library

Hi everyone!

Louis is going live next Monday 17/10 at 5 pm BST so make sure to note that in your calendars because you don’t want to miss out on that :nerd_face:

He will be talking about the Cwicly Cloud Design Library, very exciting!

We will say no more, looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!

Have a great weekend :partying_face:


if they did like what you said, i think no body will like it. let’s see what will it be

I’m looking for the live video, but didn’t start yet. I’m missing something ?

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I found it (updated link was posted on Twitter), but it is unwatchable! Poor quality, Louis voice not in sync, feed keeps breaking up!
They need to do a short 15 minute summary on it!

@Louis Will the design library also copy the custom html attributes of an element? We might add some aria labels etc for better accessibility which we might also want to save with that element.