Going Live - 1.1.9

Get ready because we are coming to you live tonight at 5pm BST for an overview of the new filter block that will be released in Cwicly 1.1.9 :wink:

Looking forward to seeing you all!


wow, i do not need to buy one more filter plugin la , nice ,nice nice!!

The video is set in private ;(

Unable to see video. It’s set as private.

still Unable to see?

It is great! Again I saw it offline.
Thank you!

Can we expect an in-depth filter block tutorial on Monday?

Is there a chance to improve the video quality for upcoming streams? Just a bit would already help.

I do think I went into quite a bit of detail on the live yesterday. The filter block tutorial will be coming out soon, but not on Monday.

As for video quality, you’re more than welcome to send your fiber optic cable over here :wink:
This is the first time I’ve seen a comment about this. Is the screen capture not legible?

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Being honest, this is what I actually expected to be the issue/bottleneck.
Here in Germany, I don’t even know what a fiber optic cable is. Maybe someone can elaborate.

It’s not about the video quality itself, I think it’s fine. Noone is asking for a flawless uhd experience, I guess.
Sometimes it’s lagging and there are freeze frames for a couple of seconds which makes it hard to follow here and there.
When the bitrate is temporarily dropping, there are indeed issues with legibility.

But I will prefer and appreciate it contrary to no stream at any time.

The live stream video would be a solid starting point to try out the filter block until the tutorial is released.
Maybe you will consider to set it unlisted instead of private and post here the link.

I missed the stream. Can we not view the live stream highlight like we can do with other videos?

@Louis Will there be an option to filter via shortcode / custom meta field available in the rest api (not registered through acf)?

Sorry for the little hiccup everyone. Yesterday’s live stream should be back online.

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