Global Typography Styles available as Class

Part of the initial setup is always the styling of the global typography – mainly the headings.

Sometimes I need to give headings or paragraphs the style of a specific heading like for example the h5 heading. For this I create Global Classes for the headings h1 - h6 that resemble exactly the style of the real heading.
So when my structure requires me to use an h3 heading but visually it should be a h5 for example I just give it my .h5 class (often useful in Query Items).

I thought it would be great if the Global Typography Style also generates a class. So that the style would be saved like this in the style sheet:

.h1 {
font-size: 3rem;
font-weight: 800;

I feel like this would be useful enough to build this into Cwicly.
What do you think about this?

Hi @Jonas,

Smart request, I also use these classes a lot :wink:

And right now it is impossible to keep them in sync with global typography settings… So the only way is to manage all typography with stylesheet, too bad.

Hi @yankiara,

thanks for weighing in on this one :slight_smile: The “smart idea” came in the shower this morning :smiley:
Yes, just had the case that I changed the style of my heading a bit and forgot the classes :expressionless: ^^

That’s quite a common use case for me and important in terms of consistency.
My previous go-to solution implemented this by default.
This topic was buzzing around in my head in the past, so thanks for bringing this up.

That would be the main point of this suggestion, I guess.

If considered, an option to toggle this functionality would be nice.