Global Styles > Settings > Defaults - Not Saving Changes for Breakpoints + Section Defaults


Hello! I might be doing something wrong here, but I’m having a hard time trying to make Global Styles work. Here’s what’s happening:

When changing the value for both Tablet and Mobile Breakpoints, as well as for the Section Defaults, after updating the page nothing changes on the frontend.

It also reverts back to the default values after refreshing the editor. It happens in both the Block editor as well as in the FSE.

Step-by-step reproduction instructions:

  1. Open the Post Editor/Site Editor
  2. Open Cwicly’s Global Styles Panel
  3. Navigate to Settings > Defaults
  4. Change both Tablet and Mobile breakpoint values (for example 1024px and 767px respectively)
  5. Change Section Defaults:
    • width: 100%
    • max-width: 2560px
    • Padding: top: 0; bottom: 0; left+right: 5%;
  6. Click save and view a refreshed version of the page on the frontend
  7. Check the cc-global-inline-css style. It will remain declaring the same .cc-wrapper{width:90%;max-width:1120px;padding-top:150px;padding-bottom:150px;} rules.
  8. Now refresh the Editor and check the Global Styles > Settings > Defaults panel again. It will show the default values.

Screenshots, screen recording, code snippet



Console throws a bunch of errors, let me know if you need a copy of them, I’ll send the log

Environment info

### wp-core ###

version: 6.1.1
site_language: pt_BR
user_language: en_US
timezone: America/Sao_Paulo
permalink: /%category%/%postname%/
https_status: true
multisite: false
user_registration: 0
blog_public: 1
default_comment_status: undefined
environment_type: production
user_count: 1
dotorg_communication: true

### wp-active-theme ###

name: CC-Hello PW (cc-hello-pw)
version: 1.0.0
author: Nicholas Zein
parent_theme: Cwicly Theme (cwicly)
theme_path: /home/user_ac45fw3/webapps/nz_dex/wp-content/themes/cc-hello-pw

### wp-parent-theme ###

name: Cwicly Theme (cwicly)
version: 1.0.3
author: Cwicly
theme_path: /home/user_ac45fw3/webapps/nz_dex/wp-content/themes/cwicly

### wp-plugins-active (6) ###

Admin Columns Pro: version: 5.7.4, author:
All-in-One WP Migration: version: 7.68, author: ServMask
All-in-One WP Migration Unlimited Extension: version: 2.47, author: ServMask
Cwicly: version:, author: Cwicly
Health Check & Troubleshooting: version: 1.5.1, author: The community
Wordfence Security: version: 7.7.1, author: Wordfence

### wp-server ###

server_architecture: Linux 5.4.0-125-generic x86_64
httpd_software: nginx/1.21.4
php_version: 7.4.33 64bit
php_sapi: fpm-fcgi
max_input_variables: 1000
time_limit: 30
memory_limit: 16384M
max_input_time: 60
upload_max_filesize: 256M
php_post_max_size: 256M
curl_version: 7.68.0 OpenSSL/1.1.1f
suhosin: false
imagick_availability: true
pretty_permalinks: true

### wp-database ###

extension: mysqli
server_version: 10.5.18-MariaDB-1:10.5.18+maria~ubu2004
client_version: mysqlnd 7.4.33
max_allowed_packet: 67108864
max_connections: 4096

### wp-constants ###

WP_CONTENT_DIR: /home/user_ac45fw3/webapps/nz_dex/wp-content
WP_PLUGIN_DIR: /home/user_ac45fw3/webapps/nz_dex/wp-content/plugins
WP_DEBUG: true
WP_CACHE: false
COMPRESS_CSS: undefined
DB_CHARSET: utf8mb4
DB_COLLATE: undefined

### wp-filesystem ###

wordpress: writable
wp-content: writable
uploads: writable
plugins: writable
themes: writable
mu-plugins: writable

Hi @zeinnicholas,

Apologies for the trouble here.

This would definitely suggest some type of unusual error happening somewhere.
Would really appreciate if you could send the log to so I can take a look at it.
Is this on a live installation?


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Hey @Louis
Thanks for the quick response. This one is a very old website, that has “suffered a lot of abuse” before it got to my hands. I’ve been handling it for the past 4 years, and I’m ready to move to using Cwicly to reduce the sheer bloat it has since gathered. So it definitely could be an issue related to this website, or maybe even to its database, which has been recovered from a complete corruption in the past.

In this case I’m testing on a staging environment, with only Cwicly and a couple of plugins installed (but they are mostly operational and security related).

Unfortunately I can’t start from scratch (which seems to work just fine with Cwicly).

I’ll send you the details via email!

Thanks again :pray:

Hi @zeinnicholas,

Thanks for the details.
I’ll await your email to to check things out, much appreciated!


Hey @Louis,

I just sent the e-mail to with the same subject as this post.

Thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @zeinnicholas,

Thank you for that.
Will take a look as soon as possible.

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Hello @zeinnicholas,

I was able to take a quick look, and it seems to be related to your custom theme that somehow removes the Media manager JS on the editor, which then creates errors all along.
If you try setting a WordPress featured image, you’ll see that the Editor crashes.

I’ll take a look a bit later on, but you might have an idea where you’re removing this script?

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Hey @louis, thanks for the feedback!

I’m not really removing any script on my child theme. I’m not sure why this would happen. I’ll try to see if there is some snippet that I might have used, but as far as I can tell all I did was add some stylesheets to my theme. Nothing else. Maybe I need to redeclare enqueueing those scripts?

Hey @Louis,

I did some tests, disabled everything, including the child theme. I’m using only Cwicly v1.2.8.4, and the Cwicly Theme v1.0.3 now. I also disabled any server firewall rule that could be blocking any admin action. I also reinstalled WordPress and Cwicly just in case, and the problem persist… :confused:

I’ve sent you the new console.log via e-mail since it’s still quite lengthy.

I’m not sure what else I could do… Any thoughts?

Hi @zeinnicholas,

Thank you for the logs.
There seems to be an issue in your normalize stylesheet which has some parse errors. I deactivated it and all seems good on my side.

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Hello @Louis,

thanks for getting back to me! :pray:

I know there are some warnings about the usage of prefixes (mainly from webkit) to fix rendering issues in Safari. But I never though this would trigger a parser error.

In any case, thank you very much for discovering what was causing the issue, and also fixing it. I know you’re a very busy person. If I knew we had this limitation I would never had used those prefixes.

Anyway, I’m not on my computer now, but I’ll check later today and let you know if this solves the issue!

Kind regards

Hi @zeinnicholas,

Glad I could help!
No problem with prefixes, Cwicly parses those without any trouble.
But there are errors with some variables and selectors (missing - and stroke*) in your stylesheet which cause the parser to stop.

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I’ll make sure I’ll revise everything again.

Thanks for the heads up @Louis! :pray: