Global styles - Need guidance

So I’m trying not to be set in my ways, and utilize the Global Styles to style elements I use regularly, but I’m not sure what I’m missing here. I’ve created styling for different buttons that I want to apply to specific classes. I do that, apply the class to the button and… nothing happens.

This is the classic, is this just me, or is there something else? The documentation on this is dated as well. How is this meant to function?


Do you style a global button or a global link?

You need to change the blocks’ tag to <button> to make it work.
If you want to make it work on a link with the <a> tag, you need to style a global link instead.

Also, make sure to set your link to active. On default, it’s just a div.
Keep in mind, you are not styling blocks directly, it’s the actual tags, which you can additionally specify with classes.

More info:

Well, shoot.

This is one of those occasions where a word in popular usage really means something different. Since <button> is meant for actions not links. But then we call all the clicky things “buttons”.

I got it to work, thanks. And it works as I would expect. So I can retire part of my stylesheet now.

Glad it’s solved. :+1:

It was kind of more confusing in the past, but was made more clear when replacing the description from Button to <button>, Link to <a>, etc. (see attached topic).

I see it now. Thanks.

I had been “away” for the Summer for about 3 months, and many developments had been made during this period.

By “away”, I mean I took a job that I was really not suited for (qualified, sure), very miserable, and decided to bail so I can tinker with websites all day in peace.

I noticed that.
Happy to see you here again.

Yes, significant progress was made during the last months.

Hopefully, Cwicly is the tool you are looking for which gives you the freedom and flexibility to tackle your future projects.

I’ve been all in on Cwicly for longer than most. I’ve delivered 5 websites just in the past month (I’d been working on them for a few months, then I did the job thing). And I have 5 more to deliver in the next 2-3 weeks.

All of this is just backlog due to not being able to do any other work while at the job. Was just exhausted at the end of every day, and could barely recuperate on the weekends. Was not worth it.

I had to complete a site that I started with Oxygen, and I just couldn’t deal with the spinning cogs nonsense, so I just started to rebuild in Cwicly. Did maybe 50% in a day and a half. I couldn’t make that kind of progress in O2. So yeah, this is my tool now.