Global style for the Hn

Is it possible to add the “margin” and “padding” property to the titles?
And also to make the difference between a title inside a content and one on the pages? I use a special font for the titles on pages, but that font doesn’t suit for the content

Regarding this, it might be worth to have a look at the Global Block Typography.
Maybe not exactly what you are looking for, but that was my first thought.

This would be nice to have inside the Global Elements area, so +1 from me here as well.

Hi @Ombres-et-lumieres,

This is a good proposition, and is something that we have considered.
But, this is where a more global approach might also become problematic in certain situations where one has to override that global style.
We are giving it some thought though, and really do welcome your feedback and ideas.

With the right fields, the “block typography” can work.
Let 's say that I want to style the “post content” block as on the image below, so I created the “contenu article” style, but it misses the “Hn” tags and, may be “img” one.

The video is outdated and I don’t see how to apply this style to the block

That’s correct. I think you need a basic understanding of how the global block typography works. All you need to know is present in the video.
Your described use case is, as far as I am aware, not something which is related to this topic.
But I can see now what you are looking for.
There are a couple of possibilities how to handle it but this also includes kind of personal preference how you solve it.
I don’t think there should be separate options for page and post content when it comes to global typography.
Personally, I still would go with the global block typography as this is exactly the reason why it exists.
Quick (you apply with only 1 click a preset) and clean (your styles will be stored under a single CSS class which you can use anywhere).
Maybe you will receive more input from other users regarding their preferences.

I can’t see how the video shouldn’t be up to date anymore. I think nothing major has changed in terms of the global block typography settings, UI or whatsoever.