Global style -> element -> link bug when update wordpress 6.1

Dear admin

Since updating to the latest version of wordpress 6.1, there have been some minor bugs like

  1. The link’s global settings are not working correctly (the ones for underline, overline, none, to be exact…)
  2. List block Unavailable error appears

I had to rollbackto an older version 6.03 and everything worked fine again

Thank you !

Hi there @NHViet,

Thanks for the report.

It seems that Gutenberg has added new default styles to their links in the Global Styles palette, which is overriding the Cwicly global styles.

You can either remove Gutenberg global styles from the Cwicly Advanced settings page, or modify the existing Gutenberg global styles.

For the list block, we are currently in the process of updating Cwicly to fix this issue.


Dear Louis

The temporary solution is that I will still use Wordpress version 6.03 and wait for the Cwicly team to fix the bug.

Thank you !

Hi @NHViet,

As mentioned above, the link styling is being overridden by Gutenberg global styles. In this case, we recommend either modifying the Gutenberg global styles or simply removing them from the Cwicly advanced settings.

The list block crash issue has been fixed in


Dear Louis

The problem has been resolved. thanks for your support. Close topic