Full Page Modal for Display of Design Library Contents

Really love the Design Library and would like to propose that at some point in the future perhaps it would be possible to display the Design Library contents in a full-page modal as opposed to the current rather narrow column scroll.

Limiting the browsing and display of these beautiful designs in the Design Library to a narrow column makes it challenging to see the design details and constrains somewhat the exploration of design concepts by actively browsing as opposed to targeted searching.

Anyway, this isn’t a complaint as much it is a wish for a future feature.



Hello, great suggestion I would to explore the design library on a full width page!
Maybe keeping the narrow option while editing, and full width on a dedicated page of the Cwicly website

@Araminta The title should be renamed to “modal” so people can find this better :slight_smile:

But I would agree with this request. I like the idea of having a large flyout modal for inserting items from your design library or your components - similar to home WP core handles patterns:

I know it was initially avoided because it interferes with quickly adding multiple elements to a page, but at the same time it’s definitely more helpful for seeing what you’re adding.

Maybe it could be added as an option - similar to how you can open the code editor in a modal.

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or how about including the design library on the Design.cwicly account so we can see what the patterns look like full sized.