Front render masonry layout does not work properly

filter block linked frontend render masonry layout seems can not work properly. here it is my setting with Version 1.2.3 :

  1. image height : auto(or leave emporty),

  1. set masonry

  1. active front render

  2. footer can not push down, gap can not be filled automatically(if i resize the explore manually, layout can go as expected).

i am not sure, i did this in wrong way or here do have some issue.

by the way, infinite scroll still does not work with frontend render now(it did not work on my testing), right?

:face_with_peeking_eye:, no feedback ? :broken_heart:

Hi @qiang814km,

Sorry for our lack of reactivity on this.

Could you send to the page on which this is on?

Thank you!

i just send you by email, please check, thanks.

Thanks for your patience in this @qiang814k.
This was fixed in 1.2.7.

If you still experience trouble, please let us know by replying to this thread.