Fresh install, post content inserted twice as default?

Just installed a fresh and clean cwicly plugin and theme on a fresh and clean wp-install.

Bug: The post content is by default inserted twice in the index template.

wp-version: 6.1
theme-version: 1.0.3

Hi @JacobDK,

Sorry to hear about this.

Could you try regenerating the HTML from the Cwicly settings?
Please let me know if that helps.

Hi, @Araminta - rumour has it you are doing the wonderful and beautiful designs. Good job, there :slight_smile: They are beautiful.

  1. Did a completely new installation.
  2. Regenerated everything in settings (the four options).

Did not fix it.

1.2.6 just came out, so I updated it immediatly. That did not fix it.

Screenshot shows Five index-templates in a fresh wp-install:

I also regenerated after updating to 1.2.6, which did not fix it.

I now have 40 plus index-templates. It makes additional templates upon regenerating html and css.

Hi @JacobDK,

Sorry for the trouble you’re having here.

Indeed, the HTML Regeneration does generate an index template if this one hasn’t been edited. This is something we are looking into.

However, the post content duplication is removed on my side (new installation) as soon as I regenerate the HTML. Editing the index template will also do the same. So I’m not quite sure what is happening here.

If possible could I have temporary access to your installation to see what is going on exactly?

I might add, regenerating the HTML 5 or 40 times won’t make things better if it didn’t do it the first time :wink:

I sent you a pm with login. Complpetely fresh. So install whatever cwicly plugin and theme you want. Site is live though. But it doesnt matter.

Haha. I accidently saw extra templates. I was actually being a good boy and trying to do some debugging. Maybe it was one of the specific buttons that caused it ? So I tried a few times …

Hello @JacobDK,

The duplication of default theme templates should be fixed in 1.2.7, as well as the duplication of content when first installing Cwicly.

If you still experience this issue on your side, please let me know by replying to this thread.


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