Flex item issues

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It seems there are design issues with the flex item properties.

  1. flex grow/shrink/basis should be available for flex direct children, and for them only.
    So if a block is flex AND child of a flex, they should appear, but not for a flex which is NOT a child of flex.

  2. Those properties inputs don’t work unless display is set to flex, which forces us to set display flex to flex children, which we don’t want.

I understand that detecting if a block is a flex child can be difficult (external class, etc.), so hiding the inputs might be tricky.

But they should definitely work without setting display flex.

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Regarding the flex grow/shrink/basis, I can confirm some weird behaviour.
When display:flex; isn’t applied, flex-grow input is not working and shrink/basis, it is required to hit the keyboard twice.
Workaround: Apply display of flex, apply the rules and then remove/disable the flex value.

I have another issue with the general mechanic.
When applying a rule or change anything else inside the flex options, display:flex; automatically gets applied.

In my opinion, this clearly shouldn’t happen.

What’s the issue here?
The design tab offers general styling options, there is no conditional show/hide of properties.
I also can see here some potential restrictions then, speaking about interactions and relative styling.

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Hello @yankiara and @Marius,

Thank you for bringing this up.

I don’t think we will be applying conditional logic for these values. While we can definitely do it, I do think this would be more of a hassle than anything in the end, just like the display:flex; property being applied automatically.

This last behaviour does need some attention. We implemented it to allow users to quickly apply flex properties without having to specifically apply flex, but I myself have found it to be irritating I specifically don’t want to apply that property, inheriting an already existing value etc…
A user preference could be perfectly suited for this.


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Hi Louis,
I’m not sure to understand. Is it a user preference to activate automatic display flex when setting a value for grow/shrink/basis?
Because these specific properties have a meaning for flex direct children only, so setting grow/shrink/basis should definitely never set display flex on block.

Hi @yankiara,

You are correct, there might have been a slight mishap concerning these specific properties. As said above, we will do the necessary to address the issue and I apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Thank you for addressing my concern @Louis.
Highly appreciated.

I agree that a user preference might be the most suitable way to provide some more control.
The intention behind it makes total sense and I’m sure a lot of users enjoy the way it currently works, so…

Thanks in advance :partying_face:

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Thanks for the report @yankiara.

A user preference toggle has been provided in the global settings, and flex items should now be applicable whatever the display situation with

If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know here.


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