Fix custom fonts & icons link

Page not found - Cwicly Documentation
Page not found - Cwicly Documentation

Links on Settings Page of Cwicly leading to 404. Please fix the urls to relevant pages.

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Thanks for pointing this out @dranzer.

Hi there, the links are still missing.
Does anyone know what format is required to add icons?

@T-low you need to create your icon set on IcoMoon and upload the created SVG file to Cwicly then.

It’s actually explained here:

Icon Collections - Documentation (

Hi @Marius,
thank you for the fast reply.

The site gives me a zip folder or a json file when following the steps in the documentation.
But both files are not able to be uploaded. :thinking:

Did you follow the steps accordingly @T-low ?
In the end, you need to upload one single SVG file, which is generated by IcoMoon.

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not sure… but I think so :sweat_smile:

  1. Go to the IcoMoon app


  1. Click on Import icons or drag the icons from your folder to the IcoMoon app

  1. Once uploaded, Select the icons you wish to use

  1. Click on Generate SVG & More

found on the bottom of the site

  1. Change the name of the icons if you want

  1. Click on the :icon-gear: icon next to the Download button

  1. Enter the name of the icon collection
  2. Check the Add <title> to definitions in symbol-defs.svg property

  1. Click and Download the created collection


Well missed step 10 :rofl:

  1. Once downloaded, the icon collection you have created will appear as a .zip folder.
    Open the folder and find the symbol-defs.svg file. Rename it to your desired name.

Yeah there are quite a few steps to follow.
Glad it’s solved.
From now on, you don’t need that guide anymore, I guess :joy:

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Yup :sweat_smile:

That Documentation hit me again ^^
There are so many repeated descriptions in there that I started skipping reading the whole content…

Well now there is a visual step by step description for future visitors that did not read the content :joy:

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