Filter multiple category-groups of CPT ( + ACF field)

hi, can someone point me in the right direction? I have a query for a CPT and in that CPT 2 category groups

I can’t select 2 category groups in a query to be filtered on url parameter/slug
Scherm­afbeelding 2023-12-04 om 17.29.02

also a second question: hoe do I filter an acf field inside that query? I see some topics from a long time ago saying this will be implemented soon, but it seems I’m not able to do this?

Thanks in advanced

edit : change ‘taxonomy’ to ‘category groups’ to avoid misunderstandings

Hi @webmaat,

This should work fine.

Passing a comma (or %2C) delimited list of values in the query string is how the Multiple Button filter works and your Taxonomy Query seems to be set up correctly to receive this.

Example usage with Multiple Button filter:
Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 16.43.45
Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 16.44.02

hi, thank you. And sorry I was not clear in my questioning.
What I mean is I need to query 2 taxonomy groups with 1 filter. Any thoughts?

Ahh, I see, that makes sense. Unfortunately I can’t help with this, we haven’t needed to do that yet in any of our sites and to the best of my knowledge Cwicly doesn’t support it within a single query.

@Louis & @Araminta, I’m curious what you recommend for this.

Hello @webmaat,

If I understand correctly, you want to filter posts by multiple taxonomy groups within a filter?

If that’s the case, I bevieve the Multiple Tax Query option is what you’re looking for (setting both inner tax queries with the same Terms URL Parameter. From there, you would have to create manual filter options as this cannot be automatised.

Unfortunately, there is currently a bug that applies to this advanced setup when Frontend Rendering is active. You can however test this out by deactivating Frontend Rendering and applying the URL Parameters directly.

We’ll have a fix for this in the next update.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need more precisions.


Thank you Louis.

Thing is, when I select multiple categories the way I think I need to (see screenshot), the query stays empty.

just selecting static categories starts showing items, so what do to now?

Hello @webmaat,

You’ll need to add a fallback so that the backend can work with something.


I’m stuck. I send you a ticket.