Filter for ACF Relationship


it seems to me that it is currently not possible to filter for ACF Relationships. Am I right with this assumption?

To refer to the DALE example. I want to filter the doctor archive for locations. So one filter option would be “Location A” and the list will display all doctors that are related to Location A.

@Louis and @Araminta, could you take a look here?
I’m also interested in filtering posts for authors. If this is not possible at the moment, maybe you could tell me if that’s something I can expect in the future.

Hey @Jonas,

When you say “filter”, are you referring to simply querying them or using the Filter block?

If referring to the Filter block, filtering all doctors related to location A is definitely possible. As for filtering posts by authors, this is also possible, although you will currently have to input the author ID manually using the static options.

Hi @Louis, thanks for getting back!

Yes, I want to use the Filter Block. I want the user to be able to filter the list of all doctors based on the location they work at and vice versa. The same with authors. I would like the visitor to be able to filter the list of all posts for the posts author.

How do I need to configure the Filter Editor to target related posts (location or doctors). Cause I only get it to work with taxonomies.

On top of that I would like to create a filter for post type. Again I feel like I’m limited to filtering for taxonomies.

Is there an update for this?

Hi @Louis,

could you give some explanation on how to achieve this?
Also I think I asked or read this somewhere else before but what about filtering for post type? Is this planned or should I create a feature request?

Hi @Jonas,

This should help out. As noted above, IDs currently have to be set manually as only Taxonomies can be retrieved dynamically.
This can be added as well as quite a few more dynamic options, but please understand that currently this doesn’t seem to be a popular demand compared to others.

If there’s something still unclear, don’t hesitate.

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Hi @Louis,

thanks for your explanation. I understand, this is not an essential feature.
But still I hope Cwicly moves in this direction since I don’t know any other Plugin/Theme that works as well as Cwicly with dynamic data.

In my eyes Conditional logic and dynamic data is Cwiclys core strength and sets you apart from the competition. So a robust filter block (especially the option to filter for post types) would make it complete.
I don’t want to downplay your editor though which I really like as well! :slight_smile:


Hi @Jonas,

I understand your point, but as shown in my previous post, filtering post types, relationships etc… is possible.

I will remind you the premise of this thread was:

Hi @Louis,

you are right, it is possible. But editing the static values is not something I can expect my clients to do. So the dynamic option is important in my opinion.

Also regarding the post type fiter.
I recorded a short clip.

This is the configuration of the query block

The content of the video can be summed up with the question for default values. Bases on your response I would create feature requests for default values, a dedicated sorting option (I think I read something about it on this forum) and the dynamic option DALE example and ACF fields in general.

Hope this makes sense.

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Hi @Louis FYI I absolutely love what you are doing and todays webinar was incredible I was not expecting that! . Yall are really killing it.

Can you please help me out? I am confused. Ok so with regard to the first half of this post where you were talking about filtering by The Dr location example. Are you saying that it is not possible to filter by the locations when you are on the Dr query page? If there are thousands of doctors and thousands of locations, and they are being edited and added, deleted etc. every day, how could we manually add the locations to the query. I must be mis understanding this. My site is heavily dependent on filtering by related post data. For example I have Communities CPT, Designers CPT, Vendor CPT Events CPT etc…, they are all related by ACF bi-directional fields and it is super important that my users can filter designers for example based on the communities they work, or events that are being held by a certain Vendor in a certain Community. etc… I must be misunderstanding this? Thank you for all you are doing and for your help! To clarify, i am talking about front end user filters.

Hey there Louis, so I am hoping you can help me out. I am in the final stages of launching a two year long project. I need assistance with setting up filters on search pages for my site, which is built around filtering by related custom post types (CPTs). I have previously implemented similar features on other platforms. I’m struggling to understand some instructions above, particularly in the example where you instruct Jonas to add Author IDs manually? Here’s my specific requirement: I have a list of Members (a CPT) and a query block for searching designers. Each member is associated with a specific Community (also a CPT). I’ve managed to set up sorting by taxonomies like services, but I also want to enable sorting by their related Communities (CPT, not a taxonomy).

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You can assign taxonomies to both CPT’s I did same thing for my client website.

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Hey thank you Kane, that was sort of what i was thinking as a work around, but I was hoping not to have to do that as most of my post types are related and need to be filtered by each other… But for now I will give that a whirl… I imagine i can create an action that automatically creates a relationship when a user chooses a community on a form, or automatically assigns a taxonomy when they choose a community as a relationship… that could work. Thank you!