Filter: categories not displayed

I followed step by step the instuctions given by @Louis in his live video (Going live - Filter block, classes and going free? - YouTube) to create a filter (every step I made was identivcal to him’s).
Everything ran well up to the display of categories in the page. Backend, the product categories are displayed, but frontend the categories are not. So, I set the ID of the query in the filter form, but it is not efficient.
Thank you to help me to fix that.

Edit: I thought that I misunderrstood something and made a mistake, but everything is similar to the video…

Hi @weedor,

Could you possibly send me (by private message), a url of the page in question?
I might be able to see what’s going wrong.

Have you made sure to set up the necessary URL parameter in the Query builder?

I followed step by step the tuto that you posted.
I created with CPT UI:

  • CPT: clubs
  • Taxonomy: evenements

That doesn’t work and I can’t figure out why!

Here are the screenshots:

And the result:

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Hi, @weedor

Filter: Categories Not Displayed
Have you solved this problem yet? I ran into the same problem.