Filter block documentation suggestion

I’ve been learning the various Cwicly blocks over the past week. One area I have found particularly challenging is wiring up the ‘filter’ block. I spent several hours fiddling to no avail, as there are large number of parameters that must be configured correctly for it to work.

I found the documentation quite hard to follow for this block. May I make the following two suggestions to improve it?

  1. Create an additional menu item for ‘Styling your filters’ and move the styling content from the ‘create a filter’ page into it. This would reduce the sense of overwhelm when trying to scan the content. There’s no point worrying about styling until the functionality is working!

  2. Add the following video to the ‘create a filter’ page: It’s your own video, but I found it via Google, and it is much easier to follow with regard to the config, and shorter, than the one currently featured. This video was the key to making my filter exercise function.

I hope this is helpful feedback. I love that this feature is built into Cwicly… I just found it hard to get right!



Thanks so much for the feedback and suggestions!

I’ll forward them to the docs team right away.

Best regards,

No worries. I love the feature, but it’s very hard to configure correctly. I wonder if there might be ways of making it easier without loosing the flexibility… I don’t know. But improving the doc would certainly help!