Figma integration

From old feedback: Figma integration | Cwicly

I think this thing could be a killer feature among all builders on the market. I’m not talking about transferring objects. For starters, export and import css properties.

For example you created a button style in figma and then did the same in cwicly it’s a double job.

And then develop this idea further. Create a template for figma and cwicly that is closely synchronized. And help create designs much faster.


I also believe that this will be a killer feature!
Can’t see the day it will be live!

Greenshift implemented something like this. Putting it here for ideas.

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Having Figma integration would be AMAZING as an independent web designer.

I use Figma on basically every project I work on and not a single project goes by where I don’t feel like I’m deviating from DRY principles by having to recreate what I design in the prototyping application in whatever development tool I’m using. While this is a little easier when hand-coding CSS since Figma allows you to copy styles, it’s a pretty clumsy solution when working with a tool such as Cwicly.

So, YES!!! Please take steps to automate this process in some way as it would be immensely helpful. :pray: :pray:

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Just saw this posted in a FB now as well. That’s a pretty neat & simple implementation.

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