Figma integration

From old feedback: Figma integration | Cwicly

I think this thing could be a killer feature among all builders on the market. I’m not talking about transferring objects. For starters, export and import css properties.

For example you created a button style in figma and then did the same in cwicly it’s a double job.

And then develop this idea further. Create a template for figma and cwicly that is closely synchronized. And help create designs much faster.


I also believe that this will be a killer feature!
Can’t see the day it will be live!

Greenshift implemented something like this. Putting it here for ideas.

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Having Figma integration would be AMAZING as an independent web designer.

I use Figma on basically every project I work on and not a single project goes by where I don’t feel like I’m deviating from DRY principles by having to recreate what I design in the prototyping application in whatever development tool I’m using. While this is a little easier when hand-coding CSS since Figma allows you to copy styles, it’s a pretty clumsy solution when working with a tool such as Cwicly.

So, YES!!! Please take steps to automate this process in some way as it would be immensely helpful. :pray: :pray:

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Just saw this posted in a FB now as well. That’s a pretty neat & simple implementation.

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Just saw this posted yesterday regarding figma > webflow integration. Looks nice. Not sure how much of this can be done with this integration with Cwicly, but just thought others would find it interesting to see.

Webflow Labs introduces the Figma to Webflow plugin - YouTube


I am strongly in favor of this. Cwicly is embracing what is revolutionary in Gutenberg, that is, a cutting edge design system based approach (permeating Cwicly how to videos from a year ago). Now, the tendency today for design system is towards a single source of truth: code! Instead of design team and devs working in isolated silos, the idea is that a figma or similar design system can be exported and imported right into theme.json file (or “global styles” counterpart). That way, when marketing chooses part of a design system (colors, spacing, typography…) they are choosing code (global styles already imported from figma), that is, everyone has a single source of truth.


This looks like a fantastic idea

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Can’t wait to use this great opportunity!

Sorry if I’m going against the crowd, but I find myself going faster without Figma, even if I think it is a great tool.

Most of the time, clients send me mockups when they have some strong constraints or desires, and for the others I just go and design simple stuff in editor, then improve it with client needs.

I would prefer Cwicly team improve other things in Cwicly than spending too much time on third party integrations this :wink:


I fully agree with this and especially with the new Quick Code feature, it feels that Figma is now a real waste of time.
Already stated that when Cwicly was in a total different state, workflow wise.

The general problem I have with such tools is, that I need to see things in action. It’s quite limited what one can achieve in that regard.

Plus, a Figma import might visually represent the actual design, but checking and tweaking each element one by one sounds like torture to me.
When I build the design by myself, I know exactly what’s going on. No need for debugging, etc.

For me, there is no chance that a design tool (and its import) can give me an overall advantage over an improved workflow while building inside Cwicly.

I hear you :pray:

Also it reminds me when a customer started designing himself with Figma after I showed him the tool…

OMG, never let your client know about Figma or he will ask you the moon because he thinks you can implement everything he can draw!!!