Feedback on Beginner's Guide in Docs

Feedback upon doing the Beginner’s Guide as a Cwicly Newbie (loving it, so helping to improve it!)


Non-English decimal point format used occasionally in English version: 0,4 instead of 0.4

For example, on page Menu Modal (Hamburger):

For a smooth effect, set a duration of 0,4 seconds.

If you have WordPress set for English numeric formats, 0,4 is not accepted in the editor: it should be 0.4.

At Global Footer. Section, the written instructions say:

  • In the Primary tab, navigate to the Margin and Padding tab.

  • Set a 50px lower Padding for a suitable Footer format.

However, the accompanying image points to the Margin settings, not the Padding.

In Global Footer. First Column we are instructed as follows:

With the first column selected, in the Primary tab, Layout tab, set Display to Flex, column, flex-start.

As a newbie I am unsure whether flex-start is referring to the Align or to the Justify category (both named the same) or if this even matters. Of course, it is good that the guide picks up its pace here, as we are learning by this time. Just wondering if this particular point could be confusing?

Throughout, for example, the Global Footer section, we often see the words:

With the Div selected, add {item} from the Cwicly quick inserter

In the same way that the quick inserter is emphasized I strongly believe that use of the Cwicly Navigator should be equally emphasized when the guide is re-done with the current improved UI, since one of the most confusing things for people new to Gutenberg in general in any way shape or form, is, visualizing the block hierarchy and being able to easily select any block on the page anywhere, by clicking on its corresponding label in the Navigator tree. How it can be made visible (by clicking on the icon in the top-right corner once it is enabled in settings) and then docked wherever it is deemed convenient, is fundamental for ease of use in the Editor. It might be a good idea for there to be, in the Beginner’s Guide, easy links placed somewhere including easy access to things like this. Several times I had to go searching for (at the very beginning :grinning:) this and for how to easily access the global styles, etc., etc., etc.

Just my two-cents!

For Links and Hover in the Global footer, we have another contradiction between written and pictorial instructions on the question of the email link in column 2.

  • Written instructions: Add a delay of 0,4 seconds
  • Image: 0.4 is placed in duration field, not delay field

(also notice usage of Spanish comma decimal point being used instead of English dot usage: 0.4)

OK, perhaps a petty critique, because there’s a lot of stuff going on and this isn’t crucial, but it could lead to confusion, perhaps.

Just a few lines later in the case of the social icons hover transition effect, it is duration that is actually being invoked, so I believe there we’re ok.

At the very end of the Global Footer Responsiveness part, there is an important typo saved by the associated image.

Where it says

With the Copyright paragraph selected, let’s set a bottom 0px margin (Primary tab, margin and padding).

I believe the written “0px” should actually be “20px”, as shown in the associated image, to separate the Copyright paragraph vertically from the social icons.

Concerning the Hero Section part, when I go to Cwicly Themer as instructed, I can see the Global Templates we´ve already created (Global Header and Global Footer, assuming one has been following the tutorial in order) both on my site´s index page as well as in the editor when I do: Add Default Template > Click to Add Front Page .

As a result I am taken to the editor. Now, the editor does not show a blank page (as in the guide image), but rather it, and the Navigator, already include by default (as they should) the Global Header Template Part and the Global Footer Template Part. My confusion comes from the fact that I do not know where to Insert the Hero Section.

Right now the Navigator shows the following:

  • Template Part (this is the Global Header)
  • Section
    • Post Content block
  • Template Part (this is the Global Footer

However the guide image just a blank page and just says to stick in a new section for the Hero.

My guess is to put it here:

  • Template Part (this is the Global Header)
  • Hero Section <---------------------------
  • Section
    • Post Content block
  • Template Part (this is the Global Footer

Is that correct?

Hello Victor,

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to look over the Beginner’s Guide and give us your invaluable suggestions and for pointing out the errors.
We are in the process of looking at these and will update as we go along.
Thank you once again.

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Right, with WP 6.2 coming out and continual Cwicly improvements (wonderful at this stage), I´m going to hold off a bit on this until I either see something really significant, and, I´m going to brush up big time on Gutenberg itself, to make sure as a newbie I understand the whole question of Template Parts, etc., etc., and how the Editor and block system works, and then grasp how Cwicly builds upon that foundation.

Thanks for the great Beginner´s Guide, it´s really helping me become productive!

Hello Victor,
You need to remove the default Index Header and Footer from the Index page to avoid duplication.
You will find the details here:

For Header (Remove Index Header) :

For Footer (Remove Index Footer) :

Hope this clarifies this issue.