Fatal error

I’m having quite a problem on my local install and have no idea how to fix it. Can anyone advise what to do about it, if at all possible. I have so several layouts that I wanted to finish and I don’t want to do them completely again.

  • WordPress version: 6.1.1
  • Gutenberg Plugin version: -
  • Cwicly Plugin version:

Hi @MiroslavBartik,

Apologies for this.
Could you possibly contact support@cwicly.com so we can get this sorted as soon as possible?


On another live site this happened too, I turned on recovery mode and the site loaded, but completely without Cwicly. will email you :slight_smile:

Hi there @MiroslavBartik,

Did you get my email? I received your information but the password was incorrect.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything. I’ll try to set it up again…
Edit: Uhhhh, so I can’t access the site at all anymore, not even the login page. No backup for subdomains :confused:

Seems unusual, login page accessible on my side.

Yes, it loads, but as soon as I want to log in, the site crashes and a recovery mod has to be thrown. After I deactivate Cwicly (plugin), the site runs fine.

Hello @MiroslavBartik,

The connection issue should not trigger that fatal error so it will be fixed in the next update.

The first issue was that you were using old authentification info that was no longer valid (you might want to try downloading the plugin from your dashboard again).

The second issue is that our licensing server is now blocking your calls as they are being considered as bot calls (currently discussing with our host and Cloudflare).

Please bear with me while we get this fixed.

Sure, I’ll try a completely new installation with the new lifetime license I have. Thanks for the information and I hope to fix the problems :slight_smile: Ps: no, I’m really not a robot :smiley:

Hey there @MiroslavBartik,

We just heard back from our host who’s removed checks related to this.
Could you possibly try on your local and live installation if this has been fixed?

Thanks for your patience on this one!

Yes, it works great. Thanks Louis :white_check_mark:

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