Faster Block addition via keyboard?

Maybe i am missing something, of so please help me out.

In default Gutenberg there is most of the time a Paragraph Block added where I can start typing “/” and search for the needed Block.

In Cwicly there is a Paragraph Bock on an empty page. But if I add a Section (for example) i need to use the mouse for adding another Block inside. Is there a Keyboard Shortcut for adding blocks? It would speed up the workflow. When seeing @Louis demoing something in his Videos he works very fast sometimes and i am wondering if there are Keyboardshortcuts i don’t know of.

Hey @michelyweb.

You can add a new default block before the selected block via:
Ctrl + Alt + T / + + T

You also can add a new default block after the selected block via:
Ctrl + Alt + Y / + + Y

That’s probably what you are referring to.

You can check all available keyboard shortcuts via:
Shift + Alt + H / + + H

Hope that helps.