Error on the categories page

Good afternoon
The products do not correspond to the category page on which they are located. And this only applies to the newly created category. Let’s say a vase page should contain only one product. but it shows absolutely the wrong thing. the same applies to all accessories on the interior page

A page with products for the new year, but there are doors there. All categories are listed correctly. error in the output for some reason

I’ll add. Products do not currently match any category. I do not understand what happened. I also wrote to your email, but no one answers there.

It is the child categories that do not correspond to their category. Tell me the solution to the problem because the store is operating and the problem appeared out of nowhere practically

From your screenshot it appears you are specifying a custom query - also that you have chosen a specific category in the taxonomy query.

If you are not doing any other customisation to it and not using filters or front-end rendering, it may be more optimal for you to use “Inherit query from URL” instead depending on your specific use case.

If you experience the same problem with that, it may help narrow down the source of the problem.

Hello @sminec,

I’ll have support reach out to you as soon as possible, it isn’t normal you’ve had no reply.
My apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks for your help, @StrangeTech.