Error & Issues with Page Templates


Need help with these 2 issues

  1. I’m getting an error in the developer console on pages that have page templates assigned to them. I have attached an image with the error.
  2. I noticed that when i change the name of a page template the slug doesn’t change and the cwicly css file name in the uploads folder also doesn’t change. how do ensure that all change based on the page template name change.

Hello @zagency,

I’m currently not able to reproduce this issue on my side. Could you possibly send a quick email with a link to the page with this specific issue? They will be able to go from there.

This is currently how Gutenberg behaves with template/parts renaming → the slug does not get modified. Modifying the slug does engage quite a few other parameters, which would explain why this isn’t proposed by the Gutenberg team.

Hi @Louis Thanks for the clarification on point 2.

For point 1, I have sent an email with the link to the page that has the error. I’m actually seeing that error on virtually all my pages.