Enhance the Class Selector: Text Input for Class Editing

Introduce a targeted enhancement to the class selector, aiming to streamline the Tailwind workflow.

The “Edit Classes” Menu Item

Opens the “Edit Classes” modal for direct interaction.

Direct Editing of Class Attributes

If you’re already familiar with Tailwind, other frameworks, or your own unique classes, this feature lets you directly input them, significantly cutting down your Time To Style™ :wink:


Enhancing the editing workflow for class attributes, particularly for extensive Tailwind CSS classes, presents a significant improvement. Often, the necessity arises to either completely overhaul or finely adjust these classes, for example when integrating new button styles discovered online.

Currently, the replace function is constrained to accepting JSON objects, which are typically sourced through copying from another component’s configuration. An advancement in this area could also involve extending the replace function to also accept direct text inputs, thereby accelerating the editing process and offering a more streamlined workflow for developers familiar with these tasks.

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